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روشنگری ی یک ایرانی ی آگاه در باره ی نام نامی ی "خلیج فارس".

نامه ی روشنگر زیر، امروز از سوی آقای دکتر شاهرخ احکامی (دفتر فصلنامه ی میراث ایران در نیوجرزی، به دفتر ایران شناخت، رسید که با سپاس از ایشان؛ در این جا، بازنشرداده می شود.
Dear Mr. Joe Johnson

While reading this article I noted that you have made a geographical mistake for one of your recent articles:

"Arabian Gulf" is the name of present-day Red Sea (between Africa and Arabian Peninsula) but the article is about the Persian Gulf region (between Iran and Arabian Peninsula).

Please take a look to the United Nations' map of the region:

and National Geographic website:

"Persian Gulf" is a historical term which is recorded for more than 25 centuries in various geographical and historical documents.

Please let me know if you need more information on this matter.

That would be great if you kindly ask your webmaster to correct the mistake on the website

Thanks for your attention.

Pejman Akbarzadeh, Amsterdam

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