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ايرانيان ياري‌كنيد! پيوستي بر درآمد ِ ٤: ٢٣

يادداشت ِ دوم ِ ويراستار
جمعه بيست و چهارم آبان ماه ١٣٨٧ خورشيدي
(١٤نوامبر ٢٠٠٨)

فراخوان ِ مهين‌ْويراستار ِ دانشنامه‌ي ِ ايرانيكا براي ِ ياري‌رساني به پي‌ْگيري‌ي ِ نشر ِ شناختْ‌‌نامه‌ي ِ فرهنگي‌ي ِ ايرانيان

"ايرانيان ياري‌كنيد/ با يار[شاطر]، همْ‌‌كاري‌كنيد!"

دانشنامه‌ي ِ ايرانيكا، عظيم‌ترين تأليف و بااعتبارترين سند ِ ايرانْ‌شناختي و شناختْ‌‌نامه‌ي ِ جهانْ‌شمول ِ فرهنگي‌ي ِ ايرانيان، در سي و پنجمين سال ِ بُنيادْگذاري و در پي ِ انتشار ِ چهاردهمين جلد ِ خود، بر اثر ِ بُحران ِ مالي‌ي ِ جهاني‌ي ِ جاري، با تنگناها و كمْ‌بودهاي تازه‌اي در پشتوانه‌ها و اعتبارهاي ِمالي‌ي ِ خود، رو به روشده ‌است كه ادامه‌ي ِ كار ِ آن را به مخاطره مي‌اندازد.
استاد دكتر احسان يارشاطر بُنيادْگذار و مهين‌ْويراستار ِ دانشنامه‌، در فراخوان ِ زير كه امروز به اين دفتر رسيد ،

دست ِ ياري‌ْخواهي به سوي ِ همه‌ي ِ ايرانيان ِ دوستْ‌دار ِ فرهنگ و ميراث ِ ملّي، اين ياوران ِ راستين و پشتيبانان ِ هميشگي‌ي ِ دانشنامه‌، درازكرده‌است تا بلكه با ياري و همْ دلي‌ي ِ آنان، بتواند اين بحران ِ دشوار را از سر بگذراند.
ياري‌ْرساني به ادامه‌ي ِ نشر ِ دانشنامه‌، به هر اندازه‌اي كه در توان ِ هركس باشد، خويشْ‌كاري و وظيفه‌ي ِ عاجل ِ هر ايراني‌ست و در غياب ِ تأسّفْ‌آور ِ تخصيص ِ اعتبار ِ مالي‌ي ِ بسنده براي ِ اجراي ِ اين عظيم‌ترين طرح ِ توليدي‌ي ِ فرهنگ ِ ملّي‌ در بودجه‌ي ِ كشور، مي‌تواند به سهم ِ خود، گرهْ‌گشا باشد.
ويراستار با نشر ِ بي‌درنگ ِ فراخوان ِ استاد ِ خود در اين صفحه، اميدوارست كه خوانند گان ِ ارجمند، بدان پاسخ ِ مثبت دهند و متن ِ فراخوان را براي ِ همه‌ي ِ آشنايان و دوستان ِ خود بفرستند و از آنان نيز همين درخواست را بكنند تا با تصاعدي هندسي، به شمار ِ هرچه بيشتري از همْ‌ميهنان برسد.

ما مي توانيم و بايد نگذاريم اين مشعل ِ فروزان ِ فرهنگ ِ ايراني به خاموشي دچارشود. چُنين باد!


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No. 4; New York, NY 10027-6821

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Dear friend,

There are times when one has no alternative but to appeal to one’s friends. You have helped us with your support in the past, which has enabled us to continue the publication of the Encyclopaedia Iranica, in print and electronically, and I am most grateful to you. Without such support progress on the Encyclopaedia could not continue.
The Encyclopaedia Iranica is a collective undertaking, one of those rare human endeavors that is larger than the sum of its parts. Through the internet, we have introduced our Persian heritage to an international audience, elevating worldwide understanding of a cultural history that is an inseparable part of each one of us. I wish I could avoid bothering you during this time of trouble, but it is my hope that you will share my conviction that the Encyclopaedia must persevere
The current economic crisis has reduced the amount of our Endowment Fund and has adversely impacted both the quantity and level of contributions we typically receive from the friends of the Encyclopaedia.
I know that it may not be a rosy time financially for you either, but what can one do in such cases other than appeal to one’s friends and to our shared sense of commitment to this most ambitious of projects that seeks to preserve and celebrate our remarkable culture? Please do what you can to help us out.
Kindly make your check payable to the Encyclopaedia Iranica Foundation and mail it to the above address. No matter the size, I appreciate your gift. Every gift counts, and all donations are subject to tax exemption according to law.
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With my best wishes and sincere thanks,

Ehsan Yarshater

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