Friday, September 12, 2008


يادآوري ي ِ ويرايشي ي بايسته: پيامي از يك دوست

در پي ِ نشر ِ هفته نامه ي تازه ي ايران شناخت (امروز جمعه بيست و دوم شهريور/ دوازدهم سپتامبر)، دوست دانشمند گرامي، استاد دكتر محمّد حيدري ملايري، در پيامي مهرآميز به اين دفتر، يك اشتباه ويراستار را يادآورشده اند كه با سپاس گزاري از ايشان، در پي اين يادداشت، مي آورم:

Ostâd-e arjmand Âqâ-ye Doostkhah,

I am reading with pleasure your new posts this morning. I think that a
correction is necessary.

The terms "giyâ" and "ziyâ" (flora and fauna respectively) were first
coined by the Mosahab group. To my knowledge, their first appearance was
in the booklet "Farhang-e estelâhât-e joqrâfiyâyi" by Ahmad Ârâm and
co-workers, published in 1338.

Bâ behtarin dorudhâ,

M. Heydari-Malayeri.

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