Tuesday, April 15, 2008


ايرانيان ِ "كوينزلند" پيشْ‌گام ِ برگزاري‌ي ِِ «هفته‌ي ِ جهاني‌ي ِ ايرانيكا» در استراليا

يادداشت ويراستار

چهارشنبه ٢٨ فروردين ماه ١٣٨٧ خورشيدي
(١٦آوريل ٢٠٠٨)

پيش از اين، فراخوان‌هاي انجمن‌هاي ايراني در سيدني و ملبورن براي ِ برگزاري‌ي ِِ «هفته‌ي ِ جهاني‌ ايرانيكا» را در همين صفحه نشردادم. امروز آگاهي‌يافتم كه ايرانيان ِ "شهرْبند" ِ كوينزلند نيز براي ِ ورزيدن ِ اين خويشْ‌ كاري‌ي ِ فرهنگي‌ي ِ ايراني، گام پيش گذارده و تدارك‌ديده‌اند.
متن ِ زير، فراخوان ِ اين همايش در بريزبن (پايتخت ِ ايالت ِ كوينزلند)است كه بامداد امروز، به اين دفتر رسيد.

,Dear Friends

You are cordially invited to an evening event organized by the Iranian Society of Queensland celebrating the 35th anniversary of Encyclopedia Iranica,
.along with other Iranians all over the world including Australia
.Brisbane would be the first to celebrate this in Australia
The program is consists of Iranian Music & a light refreshment to follow.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Jalil Doostkhah

Date: THURSDAY 1/5/2008

Time: 7 - 9 PM

Place: Senior Citizens Club, Indooroopilly

.We wish to see as many of you as possible
This would be a sign of your passion for becoming aware of priceless re-.sources on Iranian culture, language, society, etc

Iranian Society of Queensland

Any queries, please contact Mr. Jamshid Vazir-Zadeh on 0411 121 280
ps; it would be greatly appreciated if you circulate this email to your other -.friends

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