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2: 117. شناخت و بزرگداشت ِ يك ايراني ي كوشنده و پشتيبان ِ پژوهشهاي ايران شناختي در آمريكا

ستایشْ سرود ِ خِرَد از: دیباچه ي ِ شاهنامه ي فردوسی با اجراي نوشين دُخت و سهراب انديشه را در
اینجا بشنوید
گُفتاوَرد از درونمايه هاي اين تارنما در رسانه هاي چاپي و الكترونيك، بي هيچ گونه تغيير و با يادكردازخاستگاه، آزادست.

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يادداشت ويراستار

انجمن جهاني ي پژوهشهاي ايران شناختي
The International Society for Iranian Studies (Established 1967)
-- كه پيش از اين، در همين تارنما به شناساندن كوششها و كُنِشهاي آن پرداخته ام -- در آستانه ي چهلمين سال ِ بنيادگذاري ي خود، برنامه اي را براي شناخت و بزرگداشت ِ دكتر اكبر قهّاري، كوشنده در گستره ي شناساندن ِ فرهنگ ايراني و پشتيبان ِ مالي ي ِ پژوهشهاي ايران شناختي در آمريكا سامان داده است. زمان برگزاري ي اين گردهمايي، شامگاه شنبه 27 آبان 1385 (18 نوامبر 2006) خواهدبود.
پژوهنده ي ارجمند آقاي حميد اكبري از دست اندركاران ِ انجمن، امروز پيام و آگاهي نامه ي زير را در اين زمينه، به اين دفتر فرستاده اند كه با سپاس گزاري از ايشان، براي آگاهي ي خوانندگان اين تارنما، در پي مي آورم.

The International Society for Iranian Studies (Established 1967)

This ISIS E-mail includes the following:
I. Please join us for a Dinner Reception in Honor of Dr. Akbar Ghahary at MESA . Reserve your tickets ( ISIS Members, $35.00; Non-Members, $45.00) Please reserve your tickets by sending your request to
http://au.f511.mail.yahoo.com/ym/Compose?To=liying.zheng@gmail.com indicating your name and number of guests. Payments via checks will be requested at the door. Deadline for reservations is Thursday, November 16, 2006.Reception will be held on (Saturday, November 18, 8:00 p.m. 3rd Floor, Wellesley )

II. About Dr. Akbar Ghahary:

Dr. Akbar Ghahary: A Patron of Iranian Studies
(Prepared by Haideh Sahim, Former Executive Director of ISIS )

The International Society for Iranian Studies has benefited from the generosity of a number of people and institutions in organizing its various activities. ISIS would like to introduce another one of its patrons to its members. Dr. Akbar Ghahary, an Iranian born American, has been an active member of the Iranian-American community for the last twenty-seven years. His commitment to serving cultural and humanitarian projects has involved him in extensive charitable work with various cultural organizations. He has been a former president of the Persian Cultural and Humanitarian Association, treasurer and a trustee of the Encyclopædia Iranica Foundation,IAPAC treasurer and a member of its Board of Trustees, and is the co-founder and president of the Persian Cultural Foundation.Dr. Ghahary, an executive in the manufacturing sector, is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Safas Corporation, an equity partner with General ElectricCapital Corporation. A member of the American Chemical Society and Society of Plastic Engineers, Dr. Ghahary owns several international patents, including eight U. S. patents, mostly in polymers and advanced composites. The International Society for Iranian Studies is grateful for the generosity of Dr. Ghahary in regardto the Fifth and Sixth Biennial Conferences on Iranian Studies.

III. About Persian Cultural Foundation
(Co-Founded by Dr. Ghahary)Persian Cultural Foundation is an organization belonging to all Persians, regardless of their race, religion, sex, age and/or political agenda. Our mission is to preserve and propagate the Persian culture, history and language heritage in our communities throughout the United States and around the world, while promoting our present professional and personal aspirations.The Persian Cultural Foundation (PCF) is a registered 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization in the U.S. PCF is founded to initiate, encourage, support and propagate community endeavors & cultural activities which in turn promote and showcase Persian cultural heritage, and bring about national and international recognition to this unique heritage of the world.One of the major hallmarks of PCF is to facilitate processes and forums to ensure that our youth and their American friends and extended families remain appreciatively cognizant of Persia 's multifaceted historical and contemporary contributions to the world civilization.PCF is committed to preserving and promoting the Persian cultural heritage in science and technology, art & Literature, medicine & Health, music and performing arts, and trade. PCF is further committed to the passage of this rich heritage to future generations.

Source: Persian Cultural Foundation’s Website

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