Tuesday, July 18, 2006


پيوست دوم بر درآمد ِ 2: 23 - پيام استاد دكتر جعفري

يادداشت ويراستار

دوست ِ دانشمند بزرگوارم استاد دكتر علي اكبر جعفري، گاهان پژوه و اوستا شناس ِ نامدار، امروز در اندوه ِ از دست رفتن ِ زنده ياد دكتر شاپور شهبازي و براي اندوه گساري ي دوستان و دوستداران ِ وي، پيام زير را براي شماري از دوستان ِ خود و از جمله نگارنده ي ِ اين صفحه فرستاده اند كه با سپاس و نيز همدردي با ايشان، در اين صفحه مي آورم.

از چپ به راست: استاد جعفري و نگارنده
در دومين كنگره ي جهاني ي ايران شناسي
دانشگاه سيدني و بنياد ِ فرهنگ ايران
سيدني - استراليا، 1377

I have just been informed that Dr. Shapur Shahbazi, famous Iranian archeologist and scholar, has passed away in LaGrande, Oregon

A close friend since late 1960’s, especially when he was the Director of the Persepolis Administration on site and I was the Director of Cultural Affairs for Afro-Asian Countries, both of us as officials of the Ministry of Culture and Art, Iran. Although he was a victim of cancer for almost a year and I kept my consoling contacts with him, his unexpected departure is a shock to me, and I know how shocked are his wife and daughter

This e-mail is just to tell other friends of our heavy loss. I will post more about him, his life and his work as well as give the date of his Memorial to be held at the Zarathushtrian Assembly

May his soul best his contributions to the World History, particularly Iran

Ali A. Jafarey

Orange County, Southern California

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