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2: 10. كوششي سزاوار: كتابي كليدي و مهمّ در ايران شناسي

يادداشت ويراستار

پيام ِ دوست ِ ارجمند ِ پژوهنده آقاي ِ پژمان اكبرزاده از تهران، درباره ي كتاب ِ دو زباني ي ِ نفيس و ارزنده ي ِ خليج ِ فارس در نقشه هاي كهن،
Persian Gulf in Old Maps
به ميانجي ي ِ دوست ِ دانشور آقاي دكتر كاظم ِ ابهري از دانشگاه ِ استرالياي جنوبي در آدلايد، همراه با يادداشت ِ افزوده ي ايشان، امروز به اين دفتر رسيد. اين كتاب را پيش از اين در همين تارنما معرّفي كرده ام و اكنون با سپاس از اين هردو دوست، متن ِ پيام را بي نياز از هرگونه سخن ِ ديگري در اين صفحه مي آورم.
سزاوارست كه هر ايراني ي ِ دوستدار ِ پيشينه ي ِ فرهنگي ي ِ ايران، نسخه اي از اين كتاب ِ كليدي و مهمّ را سفارش بدهد و خريد ِ آن را به دوستان ِ ايراني و نيز به پژوهندگان ِ ديگرْ كشورها و نهادهاي فرهنگي و دانشگاهي و رسانه هاي ِ خبري ي ِ جُز ايراني سفارش كند.

Dear friendsI would like to recommend you purchasing this book. It is a document that can be used as a reference to support maintaining the glorious name of PERSIAN GULF. Especially, you may order a copy for your Arab friends, if any.

Khodaa negahdaar
Kazem Abhary

Prof. Mohammad Ala (Persian Gulf Online Organization board) in his recent trip to Tehran paid 5000 $ to Sahab Geographic Institute for publishing the historical maps of the Persian Gulf in a valuable book. Most of you know that since the foundation of PGO Mr. Ala has been the only person who has paid for website, banners, etc. It's the time that we can help him and in fact PGO to continue its efforts. Ordering this book (as much as you can) is one of the best ways. Even ordering one copy is effective. If you have friends in universities or cultural organizations you can encourage them to do that as well. It's also a valuable gift for all Persian families. This book is a sound document to protect the name of the "Persian Gulf". Please read the review about this book in Payvand News:

Please be aware that the book is bilingual (English/Persian) and can be used for everyone in the world.The price of the book for those who live outside of Persia is 30 $ + 5 $ for shipping and for those who live in Tehran 16000 tumans. Because of economic problems for those who live in our country and those members who are students in Western countries we do not expect them to order the book. But there is no problem if any of them would likes to order the book. Those who live in Europe/Canada/USA may send their money orders/cheques to Mr. Ala: Prof. Mohammad AlaC/O Persian Gulf Org.PO Box 3251Alhambra, CA 91803USA The book will be sent to your address directly from Tehran. Thanks for your support.
Best Regards
Pejman AkbarzadehPGO Rep. in Tehran Posted by Picasa

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