Friday, February 10, 2006


238. Excellent Fresh News On The Iranian Studies

Editor's note:

It is my pleasure today, to inform all the lovers of the Iranian Studies that a full collection of studies and teachings of Professor Oktar Skjaervo * of Harvard University, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, on the subject of the old Iranian languages and the ancient Iranian religions, is now available to every one wold-wide.
He has posted excellent content on the Harvard Website.
Check out:
Includes: Languages:
# Introduction to Young Avestan
# Introduction to Old Persian
# Introduction to Sogdian Religions:
# Introduction to Zoroastrianism
# Introduction to Manicheism

Last updated 02/09/06

With many thanks to:
Joseph Peterson,
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
who kindly has sent this most valuable information to my office.

Jalil Doostkhah

* P. Oktor Skjaervo Aga-Khan Professor of Iranian, Harvard University, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
6 Divinity Ave.Cambridge, MA 02138

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