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224. گُفتْمان ِ "خليج ِ فارس": گرد ِ همايي ي ِ شش روزه در تهران

يادداشت ِ ويراستار

يكشنبه 25 دي ماه 1384

بر پايه ي گزارشي از تهران كه دوست ارجمند آقاي محمّد علا، عضو ِ كوشاي ِ نهاد ِ ناوابسته ي پِرشين گُلف اُن لاين، امروز به اين دفتر فرستاده اند، در روزهاي 10 - 15 دي ماه 1384 (/31 دسامبر 2005 - 5 ژانويه 2006) يك گردهمايي ي ويژه ي گُفتْمان ِ خليج ِ فارس به ابتكار و كوشش نهاد ِ اي. س. اف. اُ (سازمان ِ نگاهباني از محيط ِ زيست ِ خليج ِ فارس و درياي ِ عُمان) در تالار خانه ي هنرمندان" در خيابان ايرانشهر شمالي در تهران تشكيل گرديد."

در اين گردهمايي ي پژوهشي ي يك هفتگي، كساني همچون دكتر مريم امير احمدي در باره ي تاريخ خليج فارس در اثرهاي تاريخ نگاران ارمني و يوناني، آقاي سحاب از سازمان جغرافيايي ي سحاب درباره ي نقشه هاي بازمانده از خليج فارس در هزاره ي اخير، محمّد علا و پژمان اكبرزاده از سازمان خليج فارس در باره ي اين نهاد و كوششهاي جهاني ي آن براي روشنگري ي نام ِ راستين ِ اين آبراهه و افشاگري در باره ي نامهاي ساختگي و غرض ورزانه براي آن، دكتر كاوه فرّخ در باره ي نام استان خوزستان در نقشه هاي پديدآورده ي استخري و ابوريحان بيروني از هزار سال پيش از اين، سخن گفتند.

محمّد علا در سخنان خود بر نقش ورزي ي مردم در نگاهباني از ميراث تاريخي ي ايرانيان، تاكيد ورزيد.

در روز 12 دي ماه، شماري از عضوهاي سازمان خليج فارس در محلّ سازمان جغرافيايي و نقشه برداري ي سحاب با آقاي سحاب و كاركنان آن نهاد ديداري داشتند و با هزاران كتاب و سند و نقشه ي نگاهداري شده در آن مركز آشناشدند. آنان نويد داده اند كه به زودي گزارش گسترده اي از اين گنجينه را در تارنماي خود خواهند گنجانيد.

متن انگليسي ي گزارش گردهمايي ي پژوهشي ي تهران را با سپاس از آقاي علا و درود بر ايشان و همگامانشان براي آگاهي ي خوانندگان اين صفحه، در پي مي آورم. ج. د.

Persian Gulf members' participation in ESFO.

A week long speeches about various issues of Persian Gulf are presented at House of Artists (Khaneh honor mandan) from December 31 through January 5, 2006 in Tehran, Iran. These speeches are organized by an Association created for protecting the environment of Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman (ESFO). Over 100 people attended this meeting on its first day.
On Saturday December 31, 2005, several members of Persian Gulf organization attended and participated in the meeting. On this day, three speeches were scheduled. Dr. Maryam Amir-Ahmady spoke about the history of Persian Gulf from Greeks and Armenian historians. After her, Mr. Sahab presented maps of Persian Gulf during the Islamic period. The third speech was presented by Mohammad Ala and Pejman Akbarzadeh about Persian Gulf Organization (PGO).
The maps which Mr. Sahab presented confirmed what Dr. Kaveh Farrokh has been informing us about Iranian province of Khouzestan. There were several maps from 930 A.D. created by Al-Istakhri and Abu-Reyhan Beeruni which have clearly written Khouzestan on their maps. Another interesting map was by Hamdullah Mustawfi which had dimensions from more than 1,000 years ago which are not that different if one draws the map using a computer.
Mohammad Ala introduced the PGO and Pejman spoke about our efforts in dealing with abusers. Mohammad Ala spoke about people's participation in protecting historical heritage. It was emphasized not to depend on Iranian government for support. Examples of western people's participation in their own affairs were shared with the audience. This audience was told not to assume what we have will be protected and respected by other nations. Examples of language and historical facts were presented. One day, we could read and write Old Persian writing (khate-meekhee), now we cannot. The participants were asked to do something about Persian heritage so that what happened to our Old language will not happen to present language and cultural heritage.
On January 1, 2006, several Persian Gulf members met with Mr. Sahab and his staff at Sahab Publishing and Printing house to purchase several hundred books of maps in the hope of having one of these maps in the home of each member and eventually in the home of all Iranians and non-Iranians. More information about these maps will be available on Persian Gulf site in the near future

Respectfully submitted by Mohammad Ala,

Board Member,Tehran, Iran

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