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223. نيمه ي ِ پُر ِ بُطري: گزارشي از بازسازي ي اثري باستاني

يادداشت ويراستار

جمعه 23 دي ماه 1384

(سيزدهم ژانويه 2006)

گزارش زير كه امروز از دفتر ِ سي. اِي. آي. س. (محفل ِ پژوهشهاي فرهنگي ي ِ ايران باستان) در لندن به اين دفتر رسيده است، حكايت از آن دارد كه بندهاي / پُل هاي ويران شده ي باستاني (بازمانده از روزگار ساسانيان) بر رودخانه ي داريون در شهر كهن ِ شوشتر در خوزستان، پس از ديرزماني ويراني، در برنامه اي براي بازسازي قرارگرفته است.
خبري است خوش و اميدواريم كه اين باز سازي هرچه زودتر و در ضمن ِ نگاهداري ي ِ ساختار بنيادين ِ پل ها، با بهترين شيوه ها و امكان هاي فنّي ي امروز انجام پذيرد و يادماني كهن، بار ديگر زندگي از سرگيرد.
اي كاش همه ي خبرها از اين دست و مايه ي خشنودي و سرافرازي ي ِ ايران دوستان باشد و نه همچون برخي گزارشهاي اخير درباره ي بي پروايي ها نسبت به پاسداري از يادگارهاي نياكان ارجمندمان. چُنين باد! ج. د.


Shushtar's Sasanian Bridges Will Be Restored

News Category: Sasanian Dynasty (224-651 CE)
January 2006

LONDON, (CAIS) -- Two bridges from the Sasanid dynastic era located at Lashgar in Shushtar, Khuzestan province, will soon be repaired, announced the director of Shushtar Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department for water structures and historical monuments, Mohammad Hossein Arastou-zadeh.
He said that only 11 sections of the 13-arched Lashgar bridge over Darioun River are still left standing and two parts of the bridges are in urgent need of repair, reported ISNA.

The official said that Polband-e Lashgar is situated in the southern part of Shushtar, adding that other parts of the bridge will also be repaired.
He noted that another bridge called Shah (or Shah Ali), of which three arches are left standing, will also be repaired soon. Excavations will be carried out to see whether or not another arch of the bridge has been buried, he underlined.
Asked about other projects undertaken by Shushtar Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department, he said that the square in the vicinity of the waterfalls will also undergo repairs.
Arastou-zadeh said that the water mills and the structures of water tunnels will be reinforced and dredging operations will be conducted to open up the waterways built during the Sasanid era. Some of the waterways built 2,500 years ago have been blocked.

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