Sunday, December 25, 2005


202. گرد ِ همايي ي ِ "خليج ِ فارس" در تهران

به تازگي يك گردهمايي ي پژوهشي از سوي سازمان خليج فارس كه نهادي است ناوابسته و به كار تحقيق و روشنگري در مورد خليج فارس و پيشينه ي كهن آن مي پردازد، برگذارشده است. پيام زير را آقاي محمّد علا يكي از مديران اين نهاد، امروز به اين دفتر فرستاده است كه به سبب ِ اهميّت موضوع، با سپاس از او، براي آگاهي ي خوانندگان اين صفحه، در پي مي آورم. گفتني است كه در تصوير ِ فرش بافته در زندان عراق (نوامبر 2005)، در نقشه ي آن كشور، نام خليج فارس به درستي آمده است.

PG Gathering in Tehran:
Members of Persian Gulf Organization and their guests attended a meeting in Tehran, Iran on Friday, December 23, 2005.
Members in the meeting were Mr. Sahab, Dr. Mojtahed-zadeh, Mohammad Ala, Pejman Akbarzadeh, Haana Nasserzadeh, Solmaz Ameli, Reza Zakeri. There were as many guests as members present at this meeting.
Before the start of discussions, we remembered ALL the members, specially, Javad Fakharzadeh, Mehdi (Daniel) Pourkesali, Amir Naghisineh-pour, Afshin Dastafshan, Mahan Abedin, Kaveh Farrokh, M.Ajam, Reza Vatandoost, Ashkan Gorji, Arshia Etemadi, Behrang (Bryan) Lahiji, Siamak Ahi, Hooman Keshavars, Behrad Nakhai, Hamid Zangeneh, Davood Rahni, Moji Agha, Kamyar Kalantar, Mazdak Rooein, Nader Rastegar, Esfandiar Bakhtiar, Koorosh Arfaian, Omid Mehraban, and Shahram Mostarshed.

* It was emphasized by all the importance of learning about Iran's culture and history so that our past mistakes should not be repeated. We agreed that we are "Irandoost" people; our love for Iran was evident in everything we talked about.
* Mr. Sahab mentioned that his company was working on new books for children and documenting more evidences about the Persian Gulf.
* We agreed to educate as many people as we could about Persian Gulf and its importance in Iran's history as cultural rather than political means.
* It was agreed to work on the Western media. We should convince them about historical facts rather than worrying about what Arabs refer to Persian Gulf.
* Several suggestions were made about the PG website which in due time will be implemented. * Several pictures were taken at the meeting which will be shared with you once they are developed. Thanks to Haana for taking the pictures.

There were plenty of Persian sweets, tea, fruits, and food to share and enjoy each other's company. Pejman entertained us by playing piano songs of great singers such as Delkash, Hayeedeh, Banaan, and others. The meeting was the most successful meeting of Persian Gulf members and their friends since its inception in 1998 (both in terms of participants and ideas exchanged.)
Respectfully submitted, Mohammad Ala, Board Member Tehran, Iran

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