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138. ساختن سمفوني ي ايران به پايان رسيد.

Posted by Picasa استاد شاهين فرهت، سازنده ي سمفوني ي ايران

بر پايه ي ِ گزارش خبرگزاري ي ِ مهر از تهران، شاهين فرهت آهنگساز ايراني، كار ِ ساختن ِسمفوني ي ِ ايران را به پايان آورد تا بار ِ ديگر گرايش پُرشور خود به ايران و پاي بندي اش به غرور ِ ملّي را به نمايش بگذارد. او پيش از اين، سمفوني هاي ِ بانوي ايران، دماوند و خليج ِ فارس را در همين گونه ي ِ هنري آفريده بود.
گزارش مهر درباره ي اين رويداد ِ مهمّ ِ هنري و فرهنگي و سخناني از استاد فرهت در زمينه ي شكل گيري ي ِ كارهايش و چگونگي ي ِ رهبري ي ِ گروه اجراكننده ي ِ سمفوني هايش و همكاري ي ِ اركستر سمفونيك ارمنستان به رهبري ي ِ لوريس چكناواريان سازنده ي نامدار ِ اُپراي ِ رستم و سهراب را در دنباله مي آورم.

Shahin Farhat composed Iran Symphony

TEHRAN, Oct. 9 (
Mehr News Agency) -- Iranian composer Shahin Farhat recently finished composing a work entitled "Iran Symphony" to prove his patriotism once again. He had previously created "Iranian Lady Symphony", "Damavand Symphony", and "Persian Gulf Symphony" in this genre.

I began writing the symphony last Noruz (Iranian New Year, which begins on March 21). It abstractly demonstrates bittersweet events our country has experienced over history, Farhat told the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) on Saturday.

With a genuine Iranian theme, the symphony has been written in four movements taking 40 minutes. The first and second movements have an exciting and fast rhythm, the third movement is mellow, and the ending reminds one of triumph and victory

he explained

I have asked Ali Rahbari (Tehran Symphony Orchestra conductor) to perform the symphony, and he has welcomed the idea. Farhat said

According to Farhat, the Iranian Academy of Arts will sponsor the performance He had previously said that he might be persuaded to give it to the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra because of technical limitations in Iran for the performance and recording of orchestral and symphonic works.Farhat's Persian Gulf and Damavand symphonies were also to be performed by Iranian conductor Loris Tjeknavorian and recorded in Iran, but in the end they were performed and recorded by the Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra.Farhat expressed satisfaction with the Armenian orchestra's performance of the symphony

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