Wednesday, August 10, 2005


درون مايه هاي فرهنگ ِ ايراني در الجزاير

نمايي از گُستره ي ِ سياسي و فرهنگي ي ايران
در روزگار ِ شهرياري ي ِ ساسانيان

در پي ِ نشر ِ يادداشت ِ ديروز و بازبُرد به پژوهش ِ تازه ي ِ ساساني شناسي ي ِ آقاي دكتر تورج دريايي در مصر، آقاي ايرج ياسيني در پيامي به دكتر دريايي از آزمون و پژوهش ِ خود در بخش ديگري از شمال آفريقا (سرزمين ِ الجزاير) سخن گفته و تاثيرپذيري ي ِ فرهنگ ِ مردم آن سرزمين از درون مايه هاي فرهنگ ايراني در روزگار ِ باستان را يادآور شده اند
با سپاس از آقاي ياسيني كه رونوشتي از پيام خود به دكتر دريايي را به اين دفتر فرستاده اند متن آن را به منظور افزودن ِ آگاهي در مورد ِ كوشش و كُنِش ِ فرهنگي ي ِ ايرانيان ِ باستان و گُستره ي ِ حضور و تاثيرگذاري ي ِ آنان، در زير مي آورم

Dear Mr Daryaee

While I was working in Algeria in early 1970, I developed good relation with some of my Algerian colleagues, among various discussion we had, there was discussion about influence of Persian on Algerian culture

In fact many localities and sites in Algeria have Persian names ( By Persian I mean, pre-Islamic language). By my great surprise I noticed that No-Rooz, is also celebrated by some Algerians. Algerian thought this influence comes from the Persian worriers, who joined the Islamic army after Arab invasion of Persia and participated in the Arab conquest of North Africa. It looks that the Garrison who participated in the invasion of Algeria had many Persian elements. Eventually these people settled in Algeria and influenced the local culture. With your article, it seems to me that, the Persian influence in North Africa is much older than the local people believe


Iradj Yassini
Environmental Scientist,
St Ives, New South Wales

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