Thursday, June 30, 2005


Farsi instead Persian in BBC

Thanks to Mr. P. Akbarzadeh who posted us the following message. We will publish it here as an urgent subject related to Persian culture and ask every one to send his protest to the refered e-mail addresses

Dear All
If you follow BBC's English articles you know that they usually use PERSIAN for our language. Recently they have decided to call it FARSI. It has became their home style too! I think it's a new part of their anti-Persian actions. Below is my communication with Middle East editor.Please read that and send your protests to them

Even a short note from you is effective

Please do not type my e-mail address in your mail box 'CC' section

Also please do not tyle your letter follow this e-mail ! Please click on "Compose" and write a new message to BBC

I hope like the National Geographic issue we become UNITED and solve this problem too
Please do not attack or insult BBC in your letters to them

Write them you have noted the usage of FARSI in some of their new stories and it's 100 % wromg. Please do not write any nationalistic or patriotic sentence. They are British or Arab-British , not Persian

Thanks so much for your suuprt



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