Saturday, July 30, 2005


پا به پاي تاريخ : پژوهش ِ استادي فرزانه

دكتر علي اكبر جعفري در برنامه ي راديويي - تلويزيوني ي ِ پا به پاي ِ تاريخ

آگاهي نامه و فراخواني كه در پي مي آيد، به لطف استاد دكتر علي اكبر جعفري به اين دفتر رسيده است. ما ضمن ِ سپاس از ايشان، متن ِ فرستاده را براي آگاهي ي دوستداران ِ فرهنگ و تاريخ ايران نشر مي دهيم و همگان را به بهره جويي از اين سرچشمه ي دانشي در شناخت ِ درست و دقيق ِ پيشينه ي كهن ِ ايرانيان فرامي خوانيم
استاد جعفري با پيشينه ي چندين دهه پژوهش هاي سودمند و رهنمون ِ گاهان شناختي و اوستا پژوهي به زبان هاي فارسي و انگليسي، نياز به معرّفي ندارد. او در اين كاوش و پژوهش ِ تاريخ شناختي ي
تازه ي خود، در روزهاي شنبه ي هر هفته، هم سخن با بانو فتّانه فريد و آقاي ِ مهرداد پارسي، از راه ِ موج هاي راديويي و تلويزيوني در تارنماي ِ تعيين شده در شبكه ي رسانه ي جهاني، با همه ي ايران دوستان و ايران شناسان در تماس است. پس با خشنودي از اين كوشش ِ سودبخش، همه با هم در هر گوشه از جهان كه هستيم، پاي ِ سخن ِ استاد بنشينيم

Dear Readers


Fatane Farid, Mehdad Parsa and I are conducting an hour and half program, HISTORY OF IRAN, Step by Step, every Saturday morning, on Pars TV, for the last four years. It is in Persian and is based on
(1) Shahnameh of Ferdowsi and (2) history, archeology and anthropology
We started from the cave-dwellers of the Iranian Plateau 1.5 million years ago, a fact proven by archeology and attested by the Shahnameh
and have, step by step, gone through the history and have reached the Sassanians period. It is illustrated by archeological finds, bas-reliefe coins, dress and tapestry. We will go through the cultural aspects of the entire history once we finish with the Sassanians. We will go through the cultural aspects of the entire history once we finish with the Sassanians The last half an hour of the program is for "questions and answers
Many of the telephone calls are from Iran. We have had calls from Dubai, Bahrain and Kuwait on the Persian Gulf and obviously from the fans in North America and Europe. And it is interesting to know that almost 50 percent of the questions every week are about Good Conscience, the Divine Doctrine of Zarathushtra. It reflects the increasing interest in the ancestral religion of the people of the Iranian stock

Statistics by Pars TV show that it is viewed by over 2 million persons--Afghans, Iranians, Tajiks and other Persian knowing people--those who have access to the TV Dish

The good news is that it can now be seen live on the now popular

website, owned by Mazyar Ghavidel, a Zoroastrian in Sweden. The time is 10:30 AM--12:00 noon, Pacific Time (18:30--20:00 PM, Greenwich Time, 19:30-21:00 PM, European Time, and 20:00--21:30 PM, Iran Standard Time), Saturday mornings. We hope that the number of watchers will jump by another one million by those who have access to the Internet

Ali A. Jafarey
Buena Park, Orange County, California

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