Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Persian Gulf through Google

Dear All,
One of our Persia-based members Reza Zakeri has a great idea !
As you remember in the conflict between National Geographic and Persian community some people created GOOGLE BOBM and if you typed ARABIAN GULF in Google you find a page with this text :

The Gulf You Are Looking For Does Not Exist. Try Persian Gulf

We have to keep this page: http://arabian-gulf.info/ as the first result for Arabian Gulf in Google forever. If you make it as your homepage it would be great help. We have already done!

So please do not miss the time and do that now.

Best Regards

با سپاس از پژمان اکبرزاده برای نگارش متن و دکتر کاظم ابهری برای فرستادن ِ آن به این دفتر

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