Friday, June 10, 2005


Confusing term instead a historical name!

Thanks to Mr. Akbarzadeh who sent us a copy of his recent e-message to REUTERS.

Dear Sir/Madam,I noted that you have used the confusing term of "The Gulf" instead of the historical and internationally recognized term of the Persian Gulf in one of your latest stories ""U.S. criticizes Gulf allies on human trafficking"
There are many gulfs on this planet. Which gulf do you mean ?" Gulf of Mexico ? Gulf of Oman ? Persian Gulf ? , etc....

If you mean the waterway between Iran (Persia) and Arabian Peninsula I would like to point out that according to all historical/geographical documents, also United Nations' directives, the name of this waterway is the PERSIAN GULF :
UN Links :
PERSIAN GULF is also the only term used by the U.S. Department of State:
Same to the National Geographic Society ;World Map :
Asia Map :,p100,p3,p4,p5,p501565,p501719,p70,p71,p93&iplace=&sext=-180.0,-90.0,180.0,90.0&iext=-180.0,-90.0,180.0,90.0
You can visit this page for some maps & documents and see even Arab scholars until 1960s used "Al-Khalij Al-Farsi" (Arabic name of the "Persian Gulf");
May I ask you to kindly use the proper term in that articles?

Thanks so much for your attention.
Sincerely,Pejman AkbarzadehMember of "ARTISTS WITHOUT FRONTIERS" (Tehran Chapter)

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