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یادواره ای برای «اردشیر محصّص»: پیوستی دیگر بر شماره ی مهرماه "ایران شناخت"

زندگی و هنر ِ «اردشیر مُحصّص»، نگارگر، طرح- طنزنگار و نمایشگر ِ چهره ی ِ روزگارمان در دومین سال روز ِ خاموشی‌ی ِاو: سخنرانی‌های دو روزه و نمایشگاه ِ سه روزه‌ای از گزینه‌ی ِ اثرهای این هنرمند ِ ممتاز و مردمی 

دانشگاه نیویورک
 ۱۸-۱۶مهرماه ۱۳۸۹
هشتم - دهم اکتبر ∙۱∙۲

اردشیر مُحصّص
۱۳۸۷- ۱۳۱۷

New York University Oct. 8-10, 2010

دو طرح ِ اخیر، برداشت ِ اردشیر محصّص است از چهره و نقش ِ ملی و تاریخی ی ِ دکتر محمّد مصدّق

پاره‌کننده‌ی ِ قرارداد ننگین ِ نفت تحمیلی ی ِ جهانخواران و گسلنده‌ی ِ زنجیر ِ اسارت ِ استعمارگران

بدرود ایرانیان با هنرمند ِ شهربند ِ غربت

CONFERENCE (October 9-10); ART EXHIBITION (October 7-10); Opening Reception Friday the 8th of October from 6-8 PM.

October 9, 2010 will mark the second anniversary of the death of Ardeshir Mohassess (1938-2008), one of the greatest and most influential artists of contemporary Iran.
 To commemorate his life and legacy, there will be a two-day conference at New York University , "Mohassess, Art, Politics and Beyond" (October 9-10) with a three-day exhibition of a selection of his later works (October7-10).

The Conference explores the artistic achievements of Mohassess and celebrates his unswerving lifelong devotion to illustrative art, as well as his deep and unflinching concern for freedom and justice. The innovative style of the artist and his impact as a forthright social and political commentator on Iranian culture will be discussed by different panellists and from different perspectives and disciplines.

Saturday, October 9: 10 A.M.

Conference Co-Chairs: Dr. Ehsan Yarshater ( Columbia University ); and Dr. Ali Mirsepassi ( New York University ).

Panel I: Mohassess through a Historical Perspective
Dr. Ulrich Marzolph (Akademie der Wissenschaften, Gottingen ); Dr. Nahid Mozaffari (NYU); Dr. Dagmar A Riedel ( Columbia ).

Panel II: Mohassess: His Art and Legacy Dr. Reza Baraheni (writer and scholar; Canada ); Shahriyar Mandanipur (writer; Boston ); Shirin Neshat (artist; New York ).

Panel III: Mohassess in Exile: (artist, intellectual and friend)

Dr. Firoz Nodjomi ( Nassau Community College ); Houra Yavari ( Columbia ); Dr. Behrooz Moazami (Loyola University New Orleans); Dr. Hadi Hazavei (artist and scholar; New York ); Nicky Nodjoumi (artist; New York ).

Sunday, October 10 (11 A.M.)

Panel IV: Mohassess: The Artist as Satirist and Social and Political Commentator: Dr. Abbas Amanat (Yale); Dr. Peter J. Chelkowski (NYU);Majid Roushangar ( California ; writer and editor).

Documentary: "Ardeshir, An Artist by Nature"

Preview of Dr. Bahman Maghsoodloo's documentary on Ardeshir Mohassess (preceded by a short introductory talk).

The Ardeshir Mohassess Trust: Report and Discussion of Future Plans Behrooz Moazami and Nicky Nodjoumi; ("Friends of Ardeshir")

Exhibition: Mohasses: A Selection of Later Works

There will be an Opening Reception on Friday the 8th of October from 6-8 PM, with introductory remarks by Shirin Neshat and Nicky Nodjoumi. Curators: "Friends of Ardeshir"

The Conference and the exhibition are open to the public, free of charge.

LOCATION: The Conference and the Exhibition will take place in Gallatin Galleries: Address: 1 WASHINGTON Place , New York , NY 10003 .

For further information please contact: Nicky Nodjoumi Cell: 917-496-8818, or

The Conference is organized by "Friends of Ardeshir"
Sponsored by the Iranian Studies Initiative (ISI-NYU)

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